Gone are the days of static JPEG maps on your game’s website. Create dynamic, beautiful and fully explorable maps directly from your Mudlet map.dat file.

Originally designed for Arkadia, fellow GitHub user Delwing has unbranded and released an outstanding new resource for Mudlet game administrators and player fans alike. Named mudlet-map-browser-script, this repository is the ongoing development to render Mudlet map files in an Internet browser.

Example map rendered from mudlet-map-browser-script

The script has numerous features including;

  • fully zoomable with a whole area overview popup,
  • support for multiple areas and Z coordinates,
  • map room symbols and colours,
  • deeplink support for areas or individual rooms,
  • multiple themes, look and feel customisation and language support (currently implemented for Polish and English),
  • path finding and searchable NPC locations,
  • download maps as a PNG/SVG.
Purple line showing a path between rooms.

For a full working example head to https://delwing.github.io/arkadia-mapa/

To replicate the example with your own maps use the helpful template provided at https://github.com/Delwing/online-mudlet-map-template and follow the instructions to get this great work into your own game.

Want more info or wish to collaborate? Find me as Zooka on Mudlet’s Discord server.