Want to help the cause? You don’t have to be a programmer to help us out – there are lots of things we could use help on. Don’t be intimidated to jump in – we are friendly and appreciate your help :)

Spreading the Word

Just use Mudlet and encourage others to as well!

Issues & Suggestions

Spotted something confusing on our website? Have a feature suggestion, or found a bug in Mudlet? Please let us know by filing a mention on Github (preferred) or just contact us directly.


Our docs could always use some help in being more user-friendly and explanatory. If you can write or proof-read, help us out on the wiki!


Of course, we could always use coding help too. Get started here.


We invest a massive amount of time into the project and give Mudlet away for free, but we do incur costs, for example but not limited to: code signing certificates and hosting our website. We could also use the money to assist other open-source projects we use of. Appreciate Mudlet? Check it out!

One-off donations are possible as well. Chip in a bit.